Tarun Mascarenhas

Tarun Mascarenhas
Master student (shared with Jülicher Group)
Matter to Life /MPI-PKS/CSBD
contact: mascaren(at)mpi-cbg.de

Short CV

I am a bioengineer turned physicist who is interested in how biology implements information processing. During my undergrad, I studied Biological Sciences and Bioengineering at IIT Kanpur, India. I then came to the University of Göttingen, Germany to do my masters in the Max Planck School for Matter to Life. Here I studied physics of complex systems, statistical physics and biophysics. I am currently working on my master thesis at the MPI-PKS and CSBD in Dresden.


I am broadly interested in using ideas from statistical physics and information theory to better understand biology. I also love the principle of optimality in biology as it allows us to predict biological features from purely physical or mathematical arguments. For my master project (co-supervised by Frank Jülicher and Chris Zechner), I am developing theory to understand how stochastic chemical reaction networks can be used to reliably process and transmit information. We also aim to study how the thermodynamics of the system affect these properties.

In past projects I have worked on optimal navigation of micro-swimmers and on a comprehensive stochastic model of chemotaxis signalling. On the experimental side, I have some experience in virology and synthetic biology.

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