Lorenzo Duso

Lorenzo Duso
PhD student
contact: duso(at)mpi-cbg.de

Short CV

I am a theoretical physicist who enjoys combining techniques of stochastic modeling and statistical data analysis. I visited the Zechner lab for a three-months internship already as a Master student, to develop a novel simulation algorithm as part of my thesis project. I obtained a joint MSc in Physics of Complex Systems from the Politecnico di Torino and the University Paris-Diderot in summer 2017. I came back to Dresden in September 2017 to start my PhD studies in the Zechner lab.


The main focus of my research is to develop analytical and computational methods to study the collective dynamics of compartmentalized biochemical systems. These techniques are crucial to investigate a variety of complex biological systems at different scales, for instance subcellular vesicle trafficking or regulatory mechanisms in stem cell populations.

Recently, I have established a new modeling framework to describe arbitrary interactions and biochemistry in a compartment population. This approach captures in efficient manner both the typical behaviour and the random fluctuations of the population dynamics. I work on the inverse problem too, where the task is to reconstruct the laws governing the compartment dynamics from experimental data.

My research work also concerns the study of control strategies and information transmission in biochemical systems from a theoretical point of view.

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