Hanna Josephine Wiederanders

Hanna Josephine Wiederanders
PhD student
contact: wiederan(at)mpi-cbg.de

Short CV

I did a BSc in Integrated Life Sciences at Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany, and a MSc in Computational Modeling and Simulation at Technische Universität Dresden. During my Master thesis, I joined the Zechner group to start a first project about automated derivation of conditional moment equations.


Currently, I want to pursue the direction of statistical inference from time-lapse data for biological systems. I will apply various theoretical concepts from stochastics and statistics and combine them with physical models to infer parameters from noisy experimental data. The underlying statistical methods can then be used for several applications and multimodal data stemming from various experimental sources.

In general, my research interests lie in all areas where stochastics are combined with biological or medical data.

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